Budapest Hostels

Absolut City Hostel

The Absolut City hostel in Budapest is capable of providing you with a clean and modern place to stay that belies the usual ideas of what staying in a hostel is all about. In other words, this hostel focuses on providing you with real value for money and at the same time offering you a sense of luxury that is hard to overlook for the price. Book Now

Red Fox Hostel

The one thing that really strikes you about this place is the atmosphere as the owners have gone out of their way to make sure that the Red Fox hostel can provide you with some of the best nights you will ever experience in the country never mind the city. On top of this the accommodation is also known to be comfortable and spacious enough that you do not feel as if you are living crammed up beside one another. Book Now

Mandarin Hostel

In addition, there is a good kitchen and a games room, which is free to use, that allows you to chill and relax with the other guests that will tend to have come from around the world. This helps to generate a pretty good atmosphere in the place although the staff will generally leave you to your own devices during your stay although they are helpful if you need to ask them any questions. Book Now

Ciao Budapest Hostel

You may have to share a bathroom, but it is kept clean enough and there is also the bonus of each room having its very own TV, something that is often lacking from other hostels in the city. You will also have access to a shared kitchen that has enough space for you to get your culinary hat on and conjure up something amazing. Book Now

Baroque Hostel

When it comes to hostels in Budapest, then the Baroque hostel deserves to be better known than it is at this moment in time. However, on the plus side it does mean that you get to take advantage of this cool hostel that comes across as more like a hotel rather than the hostels that you are perhaps used to staying in. Book Now